3-5 Year Old Classes

*Toe 2 Toe Dance registration must be completed by visiting the school. At Toe 2 Toe Dance, we like to meet each parent and personally talk with them concerning their child’s age, experience/ability level, class preferences and their family’s schedule. By talking with parents in person, Toe 2 Toe Dance can make the best class placement for your child. Please conact us for a time we can set up to enroll your dancer.

Combination Class:

Toe 2 Toe Dance offers a specific class just for dancers between the ages of 3 and 6. This class is designed to introduce basic begginner levels of Tap and Ballet. By combining these two classes, dancers not only learn rhythm and timing, but grace and poise as well.

~Please see the class schedule to see about day and times.

~Classes are separated by:

3 yr olds; 4yr olds; 4 & 5yr olds; Kindergarten/1st grade; tumbling


Why take kids combination classes?

The primary objectives for this class are to build a love for dance, discover how to use movement as a form of self-expression, master basic developmental skills, become comfortable with standard classroom etiquette and introduce musical awareness skills. Little dancers love to move and pretend.

Toe 2 Toe utilizes these natural tendencies to gently introduce them to the dance world. Young dancers need to work in their own body space, wait their turn, and learn to respect the studio and the teacher. Children will be introduced to the basic ballet positions, age appropriate stretching exercises, correct posture and very basic tap skills in a positive and creative environment.

Consistency in class structure provides an atmosphere that will give dancers a feeling of control and accomplishment as they will clearly understand expectations and be able to anticipate the next activity. Their imaginations will be stimulated and coordination skills will improve as rhythm, beat and time, opposites, directions and elementary ballet positions are taught. Other areas that will be worked on include body & spatial awareness, large & fine motor skills, coordination & balance skills and group participation.

Educators know that training young children in the concepts of movement, sequencing, patterning and spatial relationships lay a strong foundation for the later development of reading, mathematics and other educational skills. Children at Toe 2 Toe work actively in all of these areas.