Kindergarten-2nd Grade Classes

*Toe 2 Toe Dance registration must be completed by visiting the school. At Toe 2 Toe Dance, we like to meet each parent and personally talk with them concerning their child’s age, experience/ability level, class preferences and their family’s schedule. By talking with parents in person, Toe 2 Toe Dance can make the best class placement for your child. Please conact us for a time we can set up to enroll your dancer.

Classes offered for Kindergarten – 2nd grade:









Classical Ballet~Jazz~Tap~Tumbling~Leaps & turns

* Classes are separated by: Kindergarten & 1st grade; 2nd grade

*Please see class schedule for a list of days and times available


Why take Ballet? 

Ballet is the foundation for all other forms of dance. It gives a student control, strength, poise, coordination, flexibility, expression, technique, terminology, and grace that is used in learning tap, jazz, lyrical, and modern dance. Ballet is not only for the body; it also exercises the mind.

All of the above reasons are important, but more than anything else, ballet gives you discipline. This discipline will spill over into other areas of your life, as you grow older. In ballet you must go through all forms of exercise in a specific order to teach you how to use and develop the muscles in your body properly. Every exercise has a beginning, middle, and an end; just like projects and learning situations one faces in life.

Last, but not least, ballet is something you can take with you all your life. You can always do stretches, plies and releve, even in the smallest of rooms. It’s the best way to stay in shape, physically and mentally.

We recommend ballet training for all students studying other forms of dance. This will enhance their progress and allow them to receive the most benefits from each style.

Dance training will never be wasted, for it nurtures good breathing action, coordination, poise, discipline, quick reaction, memory, stamina, and an air of self-confidence and presence. All these qualities are of importance to young people setting out in life, as well as those already on the journey.

Why take Jazz?

Jazz dance is a combination of several dance forms and is usually expressed through popular music. Although considered more free than ballet, jazz is also a structured dance form. Jazz lessons include warm up exercises specifically designed to increase flexibility and strength, barre work, isolations, center floor combinations and progressions across the floor (turning, jumping, kicking).

Toe 2 Toe Dance feels strongly that jazz dances should remain age appropriate and that our choreography, costume and music selections reflect this commitment to our students.

Classes in ballet are highly encouraged for those who recognize that a classical background is a necessary ingredient to becoming an accomplished jazz, tap or theatrical dancer.

Why take Tap?

Tap is taught in a traditional Broadway and rhythm style. Most classes begin at the barre for perfecting tap techniques, followed by across the floor activities and end with learning, practicing and perfecting small combinations. Tap lessons are designed to develop rhythm, coordination, flexibility of the knees and ankles, speed and finesse.

Why take Tumbling?

Tumbling is the acrobatic portion of gymnastics. This class is exclusive to floor passes, strength building and flexibility. Adding tumbling skills is a great way to add flair and excitement to our routines. You can do one skill alone or add a few together to make an impact.

Tumbling is a must in the world of Contemporary dance and Hip Hop. We will combine the techniques learned in tumbling to the choreography in the dance classes.